China comes in defence of a Pakistani terrorist (involved with Mumbai attacks 2008) at the UN: Report

China has put on hold a proposal at the United Nations (UN) to blacklist the main handler of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks as a global terrorist. The proposal to blacklist Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorist Sajid Mir was moved by the US and co-sponsored by India, according to several media sources.

China blocked the move to designate Sajid Mir as a global terrorist at the 1267 Al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council (UNSC).

The proposal moved by the US had called to subject Mir to assets freeze, travel ban and arms embargo. Mir has a bounty of $5 million placed on his head by the US.

Pakistan, which has been trying to get off the ‘grey list’ of the Financial Action Task Force (FAFT), had in June sentenced Sajid Mir to 15 years in jail in a terror-funding case.

However, Pakistan is yet to book him for his involvement in the Mumbai terror attacks.

China has been putting a hold on all the proposals this year to blacklist Pakistan-based terrorists. Last month, a technical hold was placed on a US-backed proposal to blacklist Abdul Rauf Azhar, the brother of Jaish-e Mohammed (JEM) chief Masood Azhar and a senior leader of the Pakistan-based terror organisation.

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